Get involved – British Science Week 2019

| January 28, 2019

British Science Week (BSW) runs from 8 to 15 March 2019 and is a fantastic opportunity to showcase radio communications in the 21st Century to young people. We have been encouraging clubs to develop relationships with their local school or community group.

Thanks to the clubs and schools who have expressed an interest in taking part. We are working with them to make this happen. We are grateful to the support of the RCF.

The theme for this year’s BSW is ‘journeys’. Ideas for activities could include: the journey from Marconi to Wi-Fi, or to ARISS contacts, or the journey of a radio wave from transmitter to receiver without wires.

RSGB clubs are ideally placed to put on a local event, which could include activities such as:
• Direction finding
• Satellites
• High-altitude ballooning tracking

Other ideas could relate to:
• Digital radio
• HF digital modes
• QRP portable operations
• Microwave
• Arduino amateur radio projects

Being involved is a great way of getting your club known in the local community, spreading the word about amateur radio, as well as supporting the RSGB’s Growth strategic priority.

If your club already has a link with a local school, why not work with them to run an amateur radio-related event during BSW? The Radio Communications Foundation is keen to sponsor such events and can provide radio kits to build. These have already been used in primary and secondary schools with great success.

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