WRC-23: Week 2 Update / Future Topics

| December 3, 2023

WRC-23 has reached the halfway point, including progress on 23cm, but then included a raft of meetings over the weekend as well. The latter addressed delays in current proposals, as well as drafting of new proposals for future conferences WRC-27/31 – in 2027 and 2031.

After numerous meetings, the 23cm topic concluded at the sub-working group level, and the outcome has started to progress up the WRC committee structure. This followed some very carefully balanced proposals that had needed time to digest. The amateur team were thus able to look more relaxed when it came to take the team photo on Friday afternoon.

The 40-50MHz radar sounder topic (AI-1.12) has been slower and was one of the weekend catch-up items. In addition, considerable attention is also being paid to a wide variety of other current and future agenda proposals where amateur frequency allocations are in scope, from HF and VHF upwards into the microwave bands. IARU held a review of these on Friday (see photo below ) to prioritise who followed which topic.

CEPT has released a more detailed progress report for Week-2.

Extra sessions were attended on both Saturday (see photo below) and Sunday, leaving little time to relax, with plenty more to come in week-3

The RSGB special focus page continues to have regular updates and additional detail. You can find the page at rsgb.org/wrc-23

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