RadCom Basics, No. 37, November 2023

| November 24, 2023

We are pleased to announce the November 2023 edition of RadCom Basics is now available on the RSGB website

In this edition, Fraser Wenseth, MM0EFI provides a beginner’s introduction to Summits on the Air (SOTA) and provides very useful guidance on SOTA radio equipment choices such as antennas, mobile and shack software, plus an important look at how to operate safely

Also in this edition;

  • 10 My first 2m antenna build
    Introducing Matt, M7EUP who takes us through his motives and experiences when becoming licensed and then constructing his first ever antenna for the 2m band
  • 16 Tropospheric openings on 144MHz and above
    In this article, Andy Gilfillan, G0FVI explains the impact of tropospheric ducting on 2m and above, covering troposcatter, tropospheric super-refraction and tropospheric ducting
  • 24 The Telford Hamfest; a convention and a rally
    Never been to a radio convention or rally? Here’s a very interesting look at the Telford Rally by Vic Winton, GW4JUN and Lee Aldridge, G4EJB
  • 32 Demystifying dipole antennas: part 2
    Continuing from the last edition, Tim, G5TM looks at the impact of mounting a halfwave dipole antenna at varying heights above ground
  • 38 Index of RadCom Basics articles, editions 1 to 37
    Provides you with an up-to-date reference to all RadCom Basics articles

To read this edition online, or to download the PDF version, go to rsgb.org/radcom-basics or tap or click the cover image below, and login with your callsign and RSGB Membership Services password

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