Radcom Basics July 2022, Edition 29

| July 28, 2022

Welcome to the July 2022 edition of RadCom Basics, as usual there’s lots for both beginners and experienced amateurs just looking to refresh their knowledge.

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In this edition –

  • With a tight budget – Part 2
    How do I get all my equipment and constructional projects in such a small shed? What practical hurdles had to be overcome with storage, lighting, power distribution, flooring, security, and ventilation?
  • Introduction to Skywave Schedules
    Many us may well spend some time just listening and even listening to commercial broadcast stations. Tony Molloy, M6CIH covers a useful app that he uses for that purpose and more
  • Reading RadCom HF Propagation Predictions
    Near the back of RadCom every month there is a page of HF F-Layer propagation predictions for the forthcoming month, compiled by Gwyn Williams, G4FKH
  • Working Inter-G on HF
    James Stevens, M0JCQ provides a timely article on Inter-G working based on his experiences since he was first licensed. He touches upon some interesting thoughts on different types of propagation and where to be on the HF bands
  • QUA de AC9PG?
    We thought it would be good to know what it was like to be a radio amateur in another country. Jonathan Constable, AC9PG formally M5FUN gives us an introductory insight. It may even help us appreciate what it is like to be ‘on the other end’
  • Index of RadCom Basics articles, editions 1 to 29
    Provides you with an up-to-date reference to all RadCom Basics articles

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