Keith, G6NHU

| July 1, 2021

Keith is an amateur who has been there and bought the t-shirt in terms of all the various aspects of the hobby.

He has tinkered with the integration of radio and computers since the early days of the Acorn Atom and BBC computer, playing with packet radio nodes.

His involvement with digimodes goes back to RTTY on Creed teleprinters and then the Atom micro computer through to being active in DMR, D-Star and C4FM digital voice modes.

Having started as a listener, he became licensed in 1982 and was very much a VHF/UHF aficionado until late 2010 when he acquired an FT-847, since when he has been hooked on HF.

Awards have been a constant driver for Keith’s operating and he has been largely focused on building his DXCC scores, broken down by mode and band. He has relatively recently claimed the IARU Region 1 Class 2 and IARU R1 28MHz Class 2 awards and the 9-Band Commonwealth Century Award.

Keith has his sights set on the Worked ITU Zones (WITUZ) award next, which is a challenge on many levels. However, recalling the peak of solar cycle 24, he is hopeful that he might again see occasions on 15m and 17m where he observed (and contacted) wall-to-wall JA in the late mornings and likewise South American stations in the afternoons. Hopefully those elusive UA0 and Antarctic ITU zones will fit into that too, so that he can achieve that WITUZ award!

Keith’s radio activities are very wide-ranging, with awards-chasing being just one aspect. He is a member of the RSGB, G-QRP, CDXC, Clacton Radio Club and the Martello Tower Group, in addition to having played with satellites, SSTV, QRSS and operating QRP.

Category: Award Stories