Tournament 70

The Tournament had three separate short contests on Saturday 11 June 2022

Tournament 70 was a celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The theme was the number 70 and the Tournament comprised three separate mini-contests for individuals to enter, each of 70 minutes duration, two on HF and one on VHF. Each mini-contest had its own winners, but the overall event only had one winner – the Tournament Champion – for whom there was a unique award. This award was for an entrant from the UK or Crown Dependencies.

All three events had two entry sections which were scored independently: 100W maximum power and 10W maximum power, allowing all UK licensees an opportunity to achieve a high score.

This was a great opportunity for radio amateurs to try contesting for the first time.

Tournament Schedule

The three mini-contests tested a range of skills with HF CW and SSB operating and VHF operating too.

Entrants were encouraged to use GQ, MQ or 2Q prefixes and/or the “/70” suffix and were awarded a bonus of extra points for using either or both of these. The GB70 special event calls were also active in this event and entrants were awarded bonus points for making QSOs with them.