Q Regional Secondary Locator

Following a request by the Society, Ofcom has kindly agreed that all licensed UK radio amateurs may use a special Regional Secondary Locator (RSL) —Q—during the month of June 2022 to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Call signs using this RSL will be prefixed, GQ, MQ or 2Q.

A Notice of Variation (NoV) is required, available for use only throughout June 2022, and can apply for it now on our website.

What if I hold a Special Contest Call – can I use the “Q” in the prefix?

The RSGB Contest Committees have had confirmation from Ofcom that if you are the holder of an NoV for a Special Contest Call (SCC), then providing you have an NoV to use the special Regional Secondary Locator “Q” for the callsign that the SCC is issued against, then you may use the RSL “Q” with your SCC during June 2022, in any contests where SCCs may be used.

Lots of acronyms there but it means that if you hold the call sign M0HDG and you have the Special Contest Call, M3W, then you might use MQ0HDG normally and MQ3W in contests, by applying for a single Notice of Variation, above.