Site visual preferences

Chameleon screenshot

Using the Chameleon controls on the right menu you can set your preferences for how you wish to view the RSGB website.

Each preference can be set individually—each click on the link or control will toggle that preference on or off.

The text in the sidebar controls will become italic when that option is selected.

However, please note that in respect of the background colours lilac will take precedence.

For example if you click on yellow background and then click on lilac background it will be the purple that you see, regardless of what you have set for yellow.

In the event of any confusion simply click on the default preference and everything will be reset for you.

Your preferences will apply to all sites in the RSGB website—apart from Membership Services pages—and will persist for 100 days between site visits before having to be set again.

We hope to extend these preferences to the Membership Services pages, in the meantime you can use the browser controls described on the Accessibility Guidance page.

If you visit the site once in any 100 day period your preferences are automatically renewed.

Your selections are stored in cookies that last for 100 days.

Please refer to our Cookies page for details.

If you would like to see other options being available please let us know; while we obviously cannot create options for individuals if there is a significant demand for a particular further change we will review what if anything can be done.

If you wish to make greater changes please refer to our Accessibility Guidance page.