RSGB Strategy 2017-2022

RSGB Strategy 2022

The RSGB launched its new five-year strategy in April 2017 which had an impact on plans and activities across the organisation. Members were kept informed through monthly updates in RadCom, we released a video update and developed new ways of communicating with members and the wider amateur radio community.

RSGB Strategy 2022

If you take a look at this section of our website you’ll find more information about the Strategy, how it was created, who had input and what the Society’s goals, priorities and values are for the next five years.

Our members saw the monthly RadCom editorials first but after each issue was published we brought them online to allow a wider audience to understand our strategic priorities.

We started a series of video updates to profile a wide range of activities and initiatives. In our first video the President, Chairman, General Manager and the Communications Manager talked about some of the ways the Society was engaging with radio amateurs, representing them nationally and internationally and also developing ways of communicating with them more effectively.

We updated these pages over the following months to highlight how the committees and Regional Team were implementing the Strategy in their plans for the future and we planned to provide a growing set of resources to refer to.

The Strategy was not the Board’s Strategy or the HQ Strategy. It was for everyone and we encouraged affiliated clubs and societies to use it to help shape their plans too.