Region 5 Team

The RSGB divides the UK into regions that are the responsibility of a Regional Representative; the regions are then subdivided into districts, each with its own District Representative

Regional Representative

  • Region 5 (England West Midlands)
    Neil Yorke, M0NKE
  • 07812 212 898 |

District Representatives

  • District 51 (Warwickshire)
    Craig Langman, M7LAN
    07885 996604 |
  • District 52 (Central and east Birmingham)
    Position vacant

  • District 53 (Shropshire, North Worcestershire and west Birmingham)
    Position vacant
  • District 54 (Gloucestershire, Hereford and South Worcestershire)
    Position vacant
  • District 55 (Staffordshire)
    Leigh Preece, M5GWH
    07534 640 123 |


What we do

  • Offer support to all radio amateurs, Members and clubs in particular
  • Keep everyone informed of new developments within the RSGB
  • Make sure feedback from members is passed on to the RSGB Board and the Volunteer Leadership Team
  • Maintain the standards and image of amateur radio presented to the general public