Moonbounce or EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) communication presents some of the most significant technical and operating challenges in amateur radio. Since the first two-way amateur QSO via the moon took place in 1960 it has since been followed by many others on every amateur band from 28MHz to 47GHz (with trials now underway at 77GHz). 

In the early days amateur EME stations needed huge antenna systems, very high power transmitters and complex receiving set-ups. Today EME operation is within reach of most amateurs with a reasonable VHF station capability

The Challenge:-
This arises from a potent combination of factors that make it only just possible:-

  • The moon is ~400,000km away
  • Its a poor rf reflector
  • Relative motion with the earth requires it to be tracked
  • Propagation is also subject to Doppler, Libration and Polarisation changes



(Work  in Progress)