RSGB Elections

This is the time of year when we call for volunteers to step forward for election at the RSGB’s AGM which will take place on 15 April 2023.

The Society is run primarily by its members for its members, as well as for the wider amateur radio community. We are looking for volunteers who are willing and able to give their time and enthusiasm to ensure the Society continues to develop and thrive.

There are nine roles to be filled at the AGM:

Elected President

Stewart Bryant, G3YSX will complete his two-year term at the 2023 AGM.

The Bylaws state that “The President shall be any member of the Society who, in the view of the Membership, has rendered outstanding service to the Society or who has made acknowledged eminent contribution to radio research experimentation, communication or a related subject and who can in the opinion of the Members fittingly represent the Society in such office”.

Board Director

We are looking to find three Board Directors—one is a Nominated Director and the other two are Elected Directors.

Board Directors are accountable to members and are required to work together for the Society with integrity and honesty; in a progressive, open, supportive and communicative manner; with professionalism and in a manner which embraces the principles of sustainability, equality and diversity.

Regional Representatives

There are five posts available for nominations:

  • Region 3 (England North-West)
  • Region 7 (South Wales)
  • Region 8 (Northern Ireland)
  • Region 11 (England South-West and the Channel Islands)
  • Region 13 (East Midlands)

Regional Representatives must have the time, energy, interest and willingness to serve the Society and radio amateurs within their region and the ability to communicate effectively.

Closing dates

  • Nominated Director – 3 January 2023
  • President, Elected Director and Regional Representatives – 31 January 2023


  1. The Nominated Director will be selected by the RSGB Nominations Committee and the successful candidate will be offered for endorsement by ballot. To express interest in the Nominated Director role contact Stephen Purser, GW4SHF and he will explain the process:
  2. For the elected roles of President, Elected Director and Regional Representative, where there are more candidates than vacancies a ballot will be held. Candidate information packs and forms for these roles are below

Wondering if this could be for you?

To find out what each role entails, please read the information set out in the documents above. If you still have questions and would like an informal chat:

  • Elections Officer, Stephen Purser, GW4SHF will arrange any discussions about the President or Board roles:
  • Regional Forum Chair, David de la Haye, M0MBD will be happy to discuss the Regional Representative roles:

Do you know someone who would be great in one of these roles?

Do encourage them to consider using their time and expertise to help the Society and amateur radio continue to thrive.

Nominations process

When your candidate forms have been received and you are approved as eligible to stand for the position as a candidate, you will need to obtain the required number of nominations.

Gathering your nominations is an automatic online process, and a special URL will be set up for you to email to your prospective nominators.

Please ensure you only send requests for nominations to persons known to you and who you know are happy to receive this email request.

If your nominator supports you as a candidate, they will need to click the URL, complete a very brief form and then submit their nomination.

Please note that only RSGB members can nominate candidates. Your nominators will need to log in to RSGB Membership Services during the online nominations process, so don’t send the email to anyone who isn’t a member of the RSGB.