2022 Convention lectures

We enjoyed welcoming so many people to this year’s RSGB Convention.

We had a varied programme of over 50 lectures – click on the dates below to see what the delegates enjoyed each day.

We will be sharing recordings of some of the presentations over the coming months – first on our website for RSGB members and then on the RSGB YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy. 



Programme for Saturday 8 October

Programme for Sunday 9 October







Read on for further details of just some of the lectures…

David Stansfield, G0EVV is speaking about the challenge and thrill of operating portable from mountain summits. He plans to break with tradition and deliver his thoughts in the form of an interactive session. The talk is suitable for those wishing to develop their skills and will, hopefully, stimulate people new to summit activation.

Sprinkles or Mirrors? Discovering the true nature of six-metre Sporadic-E is the title of the talk by Chris Deacon, G4IFX. Chris was the recipient of this year’s RSGB Les Barclay Memorial Award for his research into sporadic-E propagation at 50 MHz. Perhaps surprisingly, sporadic-E is once again becoming a hot topic in professional circles and Chris has shown that it is possible to do real science with amateur equipment, resulting in two academic papers so far. In this talk, he will explain his experimental approach, describe his latest results, and discuss some of the outstanding questions.

Professor Alywn Seeds, G8DOH is a Convention favourite, particularly amongst the VHF enthusiasts and this year his talk will be on Building a VHF/UHF Contest Station. He says, success in VHF/UHF contests requires three things: a good site, skilled operators and a high-performance contest station.

Another RSGB Convention regular is Steve Nichols, G0KYA, who is also the Chair of the RSGB Propagation Studies Committee. He will be looking at the RadCom HF predictions, something that appears in each edition but not all readers know how to use the information.

In March, Phil Catterall, activated his 1000th unique summit for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) programme. He has travelled far and wide and has completed successful SOTA activations on mountains in no less than 23 associations – including VK2. He will tell us something of his travels and will, no doubt, inspire a few more amateurs to get involved with the SOTA programme.

Gordon Lean, G3WJG will be working hard during the Convention with two lectures. He will tell us about Software Defined Radio (SDR) by giving an introductory talk for those who want to gain a basic understanding of the topic. For those who enjoy a more in-depth view, his talk A further exploration of SDR will be just the ticket.

One of the RadCom VHF UHF columnists, James Stevens, M0JCQ will be talking about VHF equipment to start you going. James often shares his own VHF and UHF activities in his column and in RadCom Basics too. If you are just starting out on your VHF amateur radio journey, this could be the talk for you.

If you watched the online RSGB Convention last year, you may have seen the talk by Dr David Abrutat on Second World War Radio Security Service (RSS). David has long had a passionate interest in Military History and is the author of several interesting books. This year he will be looking at the work of the Y Service.

Dr Colin Forsyth has lectured at the RSGB Convention before and his talks have always been well received. He is a NERC Independent Research Fellow at the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory (Dept. Space and Climate Physics) studying the occurrence, causes and impact of geomagnetic substorms. He will be talking about Space Weather and how it affects radio signals and therefore amateur radio.

Another Convention favourite is Jim Bacon, G3YLA who regularly speaks about Sporadic-E and his studies in the field. Some will recognise Jim as the former weather forecaster on BBC television, others will know him through Propquest, the near real-time propagation tool that was developed by Jim. He will be talking about What have the 2020s told us about Sporadic-E?



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