Solar information for January 2017

The January RadCom went to press before the following information was available to add to the Propagation page.

Key: The figures represent approximate S-Meter readings, whilst the colours represent expected circuit reliability. Black equals low to very low probability, Blue equals good probability and Red equals a strong probability. No signal is expected when a ‘.’ is shown. The RSGB Propagation Studies Committee provides propagation predictions on the internet at An input power of 100W and a dipole aerial has been used in the preparation of these predictions; therefore a better equipped station should expect better results. The predicted smoothed sunspot numbers for January, February and March are respectively (SIDC classical method—Waldmeier’s standard) 27, 26 and 25 and (combined method) 41, 39 and 39. The provisional mean sunspot number for November was 21.4. The daily maximum/minimum numbers were 50 on 30 November and 0 on 2, 8, 21 and 22 November.