What sort of people become radio amateurs?

Amateur radio is the original high technology “social network”. Today it is regarded as a “broad church” and numbers in its ranks kings, pop stars, public figures, the retired, schoolchildren and those at work or unemployed.

Whatever your interest in radio communications, you will find others sharing that interest — from “geeky” experimenters to those just interested in communicating by radio. So as a radio amateur, you simply do not know who you might talk to “over the air”. Using call signs as identifiers, there is no status on the air, and you talk, equal to equal, to everyone you contact.

Local radio clubs can help you grow and develop. And remember, amateur radio offers enjoyment for you and your family as well. Amateur activities like Direction Finding (similar to orienteering but with a high-tech “spin”), field days, Summits on the Air, IOTA can be “family friendly”, allowing your family to enjoy your amateur radio activities as well!

What can I do with amateur radio ?