LF and HF propagation

Understanding LF and HF propagation

Understanding LF and HF propagation

Understanding how radio waves propagate from one part of the world to another can be bewildering, whether you are a beginner or not.

Alan Melia G3NYK and Steve G0KYA of the RSGB’s Propagation Studies Committee wrote a series of features on understanding LF and HF propagation for the Radio Society of Great Britain’s (RSGB) “RadCom” magazine.

Steve’s features consisted of a month-by-month look at each HF band in turn, showing the reader the propagation modes behind each band and explaining some of the technicalities of ionospheric propagation.

It looked at the D, E and F layers, Sporadic E, the MUF/LUF, using solar data, propagation programs, NVIS and much more.

Alan then took over and wrote three detailed features on LF propagation.

The features were well received and as a result they were put together into a single document, which is now freely available for amateurs to download.

As a free primer for understanding more about how LF and HF radio waves travel around the world via the ionosphere, and to understand what band to go on and when, it is unbeatable.

Download the “Understanding LF and HF Propagation” PDF

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