HQ Station at Birmingham NEC – GB22HQ

In support of the Games, the RSGB at the request of the Commonwealth Games organisers, are hosting a Special Event Station for the 10-day duration of the games – GB22HQ.

Installed in a prime location in the grounds of the NEC, the station will aim to connect with Amateurs across the globe with an emphasis on making contacts with other Commonwealth countries, while also showcasing the hobby to visitors. The HQ Station is being facilitated by Riedel Communications who are supplying the communications infrastructure for the Games.

The station will be operated by radio amateur volunteers, mostly from local radio clubs – our aim being to keep the station on the air across the games. We still have room for more volunteers to assist with the HQ station, in both operating the radios and in sharing Amateur Radio with visitors. The HQ station is an ideal opportunity to engage with others both over the air, as well as face to face.

The station will be active on the HF bands using CW, SSB and data modes and will be equipped to make contacts with UK stations and with other Commonwealth Countries; of course we will welcome callers from the international amateur radio community.

If you are able to join the team operating and meeting visitors to the station, please contact Neil Yorke M0NKE on rr5@rsgb.org.uk for further information. As part of the volunteer process, security information will be required and there is an accreditation process to complete.

Please either contact us about helping to operate GB22HQ or look out for us on the air during the games.