RSGB Member groups insurance cover

RSGB’s public liability cover extends to include Member groups undertaking activities as follows

  • Member groups

    Club nights, radio activities, public demonstrations, rallies, contests, ARDF, training

  • Repeater/beacon and packet node groups

    Rent of space on masts from BT and similar and attach radio equipment

  • Fundraising and events

    As defined in the insurance policy wording (PDF) (see page 6, Business Activities and Business Events)

See the public liability section (Section 10) of the insurance policy wording for full coverage details.

The cover is provided as follows


Indemnity Limit


10 Public Liability £15,000,000 Legal liability for damages and costs in respect of accidental injury to person, accidental damage to property or accidental nuisance occurring in connection with the business of the insured as well as legal costs incurred with written consent.