Tony, G0KXW – helped by RSGB Planning Advisory Committee

| April 19, 2024

In May 2021, Tony, G0KXW contacted the RSGB Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) for advice regarding a written letter of complaint he had received from Warrington Borough Council. The letter concerned an antenna he had erected in his garden two months prior, which was a hustler 6btv ground mounted antenna. It had an end fed onto the gable end of the house with a wire running down the garden and was being supported on a 10m DX commander telescopic pole.

Tony spoke about the complaint with his local club, Warrington Amateur Radio Club, where he is a member. They suggested seeking advice from the RSGB Planning Advisory Committee, and if needed, to ask for a letter of support as part of the application. Following their advice, he spoke with John Mattocks, G4TEQ, Chair of the Committee. John advised him that as the 6btv, and the pole, were over three metres in height it would require planning permission.

In November 2021, Tony duly applied for retrospective planning permission, with a note that all other antennas that could be seen in the photos were well established. This note was important as a few years previous, Tony had received another complaint about an established vertical antenna. Thankfully, he was able to prove to the Council that these had been in place for close to thirty years, and this complaint did not proceed any further.

As part of the support received from the RSGB Planning Advisory Committee, John Mattocks, G4TEQ looked at the Warrington Borough Council website to look for details on the process they use for planning applications. In doing this, he established that the process they use was not the standard program used by many councils. Consequently, John arranged for a letter of support that was submitted before the end of the public consultation period.

In March 2024 after a significant wait, for which the reason is unknown, Tony’s application for planning permission was granted. He has told us the new antennas have been a great success and would like to thank the RSGB Planning Advisory Committee for all its great work and support.

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