YOTA Croatia 2022 – Day 4

| August 10, 2022

What did you get up to on Day 4?

We started the morning with a slot to operate the special event station, during which Dan made some CW contacts, including one with Japan. Afterwards we started programming our “Wabbit” ARDF transmitter. We were introduced to using the Arduino IDE to control the programmable clock chip found on our transmitters, and most participants had their radio transmitting a call sign in CW by the end of the session.

After lunch we had a fascinating talk on carbon neutral operation, delving deep into the topic of using solar panels, wind turbines and batteries to take amateur radio stations off-grid. Next was an activity about the International Space Station, where we were split up into small groups and were asked to create a small presentation of interesting facts about the ISS.

Our last activity of the day was Train-the-Trainer, where we had presentations from the Italian and Croatian teams on activities they have been doing in their home countries to encourage young people into amateur radio.

What did you learn that you didn’t already know?

We learned a great deal about the intricacies of using solar panels and batteries to power an amateur radio station.

What are you looking forward to next?

Tomorrow we have an early start to visit the capital city of Zagreb and set up a Summits On The Air (SOTA) station.

Dan operating CW:

YOTA team member Dan operating CW outside

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