YOTA 2018: Day 7

| August 25, 2018

Our final day

Most of the day was spent packing our bags and getting ready to leave the hotel. Our flight was a little later in the day, so we had some time to talk to others and say a proper thanks to the organisers for putting on such a brilliant event.

After we got some lunch, we were taken by a shuttle bus to the airport, where we had many, many people ask us what was inside our antenna bags and what we were going to use it for!

Top Tip: At an airport, do not mention radio transmitters, as this seems to put security guards on edge and that’s how you get your antenna confiscated, just like the Lithuanian team. 

We had a little bit of waiting around at the airport, so we decided to go into some shops, including the Ferrari Shop, which I soon realised didn’t aim their product prices at youngsters, so we swiftly moved onto the more touristy shops and picked up a few pieces for our friends and family back home. 

We boarded or plane and headed for home. We knew we would miss South Africa very much, but we wouldn’t forget the lessons and presentations that we heard while we were there.

Now we have the knowledge of how to encourage more young people into the hobby, it’s just a matter of putting that knowledge into practice and making a difference in the hobby! 

Nathan, MI0NPR

Team UK: YOTA 2018
Peter MØSWN, Mike 2EØMLJ, Ben MØNBA and Nathan MIØNPR

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