YOTA 2018: Day 4

| August 25, 2018

QSX Unveiling and Kit Building

Today was one of the most rewarding days of the week. It was the grand revealing and build of Hans Summers’ new QSX kit, which is an amazing radio.

We started off the day with an introduction into the radio and its specifications, which can be found at the following link : https://www.qrp-labs.com/qsx.html

The introduction was very impressive and of course it was brilliant to see Hans deliver his presentation so passionately, being a fellow Brit. After the presentation, Hans opened the floor to any questions and I don’t think he expected so many! Everyone had a question to ask about the QSX kit, its current functionality and its final functionality, both of which were outstanding. 

Now we were given the option to build one of three kits:

I call the above kits ‘projects’ since the journey didn’t end with the completion of the kit. Many add-ons are available to all the kits, which improve the functionality, so it’s up to you how you use your kit! 

Despite the warning that the majority who selected the QSX kit wouldn’t finish the kit that day, most went for it anyway! I must say, my experience of the kit was very pleasant and I really enjoyed building it that day, and no, I didn’t get it finished, but our team leader Peter and team member Ben both got it finished that day. So yes, I did let the team down, but I will continue building it at home. Mike was busy studying for his HAREC examination when we were building our kits, but he got his own QSX to bring home to build.

DMR Presentation

To give us a break from all the intense kit building, we all attended a DMR workshop, where we were taught about DMR and how it works. The advantages (and disadvantages) were outlined in this presentation, which we all found very interesting. There were many questions afterwards about this new ‘branch’ of amateur radio, which were answered very well and I know everyone in the room learned a lot about DMR. 

Train the Trainer

We spent most of the day building our various kits, but at the very end of the day, we had another Train the Trainer talk, where we discussed new ideas to get youngsters into the hobby and how each country is going to try to get youngsters into the hobby. We were then asked to prepare a short presentation for the following day. 

Nathan, MI0NPR

Team UK: YOTA 2018
Peter MØSWN, Mike 2EØMLJ, Ben MØNBA and Nathan MIØNPR

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