March 2019 VLT meeting

| April 3, 2019

16 March 2019 – VLT meeting key messages:

The Volunteer Leadership Team – there was a strong sense that the community spirit was developing within the team, and this will be built on with future networking and team building opportunities.

Updates on previous agenda items and operational matters were given, including progress on the development/update of website content (DORA project).

Support provided by VLT– the group considered how to better support Members through the Regional Team. This included the update of website content, and a ‘who to contact’ page with clear signposting of contacts for services and information. A working group will be established to progress this, and report back.

Operational Advisory Service (OAS) – a refresh was provided to VLT Members on the role and scope of the OAS. An OAS Coordinator is now in place and the appointment of Regional OAS Advisors continues.

    • The Advisors will promote good practice, offer club talks in their Region and provide one-to-one advice to RSGB Members
    • They will not collect recorded evidence, offer legal advice nor take on and solve the problem by themselves
  • It is imperative that we do not respond to on-air abuse in any way whatsoever.

Interference (EMC) – a summary of the support provided by the EMC Committee was provided. Martin Sach, G8KDF talked about his influential international work on WPT-EV, as well as giving a demo of his VDSL2 software.

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