Israeli amateurs on 5MHz

| May 17, 2013

The Israeli regulator – the Ministry of Communications – (IMOC) has decided to grant 5MHz/60m temporary permission on an individual application basis.
8 Channels are available to General and Extra Class licence holders
The channels are as per the list below (the number represents USB  dial frequency) – for CW 1.5kHz above. There is some flexibility on Digi modes with 2500Hz out of the 3kHz channel width. No split operation.

Channel 1    5298.5    USB CW RTTY PSK
Channel 2    5330.5    USB CW
Channel 3    5357.0    RTTY PSK CW USB
Channel 4    5366.5    USB CW RTTY PSK
Channel 5    5371.5    USB
Channel 6    5398.5    CW USB RTTY PSK
Channel 7    5403.5    USB RTTY PSK CW
Channel 8    5407.0    USB RTTY PSK CW

Power – 100W PEP measured at the TX (not EIRP)

The IARC’s main goal is as always to experiment for local  short range emergency communication readiness and the long distance activity is a side product of this. The validity is from application approval date until mid March 2014 but it appears this could be extended. Operation is on a secondary status of course and was coordinated with the spectrum committee of the IMOC representing some other relevant organizations. The IARC have had some flexibility in the choice of frequencies and in doing so have endeavoured to coordinate these with 5MHz/60m amateur frequencies and activities already in existence. It is hoped that as IMOC gain confidence in 5MHz/60m activity by Israeli amateurs as Secondary status users, then further frequencies may be made available

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