Wick High School Radio Club, GM0WHS – fourth student passes Foundation licence exam

| April 2, 2024

Chris Aitken, MM0WIC presenting Lucy with the Baofeng GT-5R

Another student at Wick High School Radio Club, GM0WHS has passed their Foundation Licence exam. Lucy, call sign TBC, took her exam on 27 March 2024 and is the fourth student from the school to have passed their Foundation exam. Teacher Chris Aitken, MM0WIC has said that the club is ready to start a new cohort of students soon and has already had some great interest from S1 and S2 pupils after a successful Science Festival at the school.

In recognition of passing her exam, Chris presented Lucy with a Baofeng GT-5R handheld which she can use on loan, funded by the Radio Communications Foundation. Every student who passes their Foundation licence exam is loaned a handheld which enables them to get on the air as quickly as possible. It allows them to have a go at repeaters, satellites and simplex.

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