Sandringham School

| May 25, 2023

The amateur radio club at Sandringham School was one of those who hosted the GB22YOTA call sign during December’s YOTA Month.

Licensed students operated five separate stations, with other students helping with set up and check logging.

Station 1 was a traditional HF station, running a K3 and KPA500 amplifier on SSB 80m to 10m. Station 2 was on FT8 running a TS590s at 25W to a W3DZZ trap dipole. Station 3 was an SDR station using a Raspberry Pi 4 connected to an SDRPlay receiver and a 15m wire antenna.

Station 4 was a Yaesu FTM-400XDR transceiver using a homemade dipole on the roof of the building connecting to a couple of the local UHF repeaters with 5W FM. This station also accessed a digital repeater using the Ide-Coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System – allowing a broadcast FM signal to be relayed across the internet to a wider audience.

Finally, station 5 used a Rasberry Pi 3 running as a DMR hotspot, allowing internet access through a digital handset to the global user network.

The students had a great time operating and managed over 100 contacts from 80m SSB to 70cms FM in about three hours of operating.

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