RadCom Plus, Vol. 1, No. 2

| September 30, 2015

Cover image: The Dual Z-match for 1.8 to 146MHz. Photo courtesy of Bob, G3OOU.

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1 A position reporting system using WSJT weak signal data modes
Andy Talbot, G4JNT devises a method for sending highly accurate location information with excellent weak signal performance
6 A home-built all-digital PAL vectorscope
Inspired, apparently, by a dodgy T-shirt, this FPGA-based project by Mark Atherton, ZL3JVX even includes a colour bar generator
18 DXpedition remote antenna switch
Mark Marsden, G4AXX, describes a commercial-grade project that uses just two control/power wires to switch two transceivers to six different antennas
23 An HF multimode beacon
A remarkable standalone multi-band beacon transmitter with an optional auto-ATU by Anthony Le Cren, F4GOH and Christophe Caiveau, F4GOJ

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