RadCom April 2023, Vol. 99, No. 4

| March 16, 2023

JW0X and JW100QO: Svalbard DXpedition

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News and reports

Around Your Region – Club events calendar 76
Around Your Region – Events roundup 80
New products 14
News 12
RSGB 2022 Committee Reports 40
RSGB AGM Calling Notice 6
RSGB AGM voting guidance 6, 8
RSGB candidates for Elected Board Director 7
RSGB Coronation celebrations 26
RSGB Matters 6
Special Interest Groups News 16


Advertisers’ index 85
Antennas, Tim Hier, G5TM 18
Contest Calendar, Ian Pawson, G0FCT 58
Contesting, Chris Tran, GM3WOJ 66
Data, Andy Talbot, G4JNT 32
GHz bands, Dr John Worsnop, G4BAO 64
LF, Dave Pick, G3YXM 24
HF, John Petters, G3YPZ 60
Members’ ads 86
Propagation, Gwyn Williams, G4FKH 88
Rallies and events 87
The Last Word 89
VHF/UHF, James Stevens, M0JCQ 62


Get going on 13cm, Andy Gilfillan, G0FVI 68
JW0X and JW100QO DXpedition,
Max Van Rymenant, ON5UR 72
Radio Enters the Home exhibition, Nick Plaister 33
SAQ, Sweden, Colin Evans, M1BUU 34

Technical Features

A thermostatically controlled cooling system, Bob Burns, G3OOU 30
Design Notes, Andy Talbot, G4JNT 36
EMC, Dr David Lauder, G0SNO 22


Begali CW Machine, Christopher Pearson, G5VZ 56
Book reviews 59
Icom IC-T10, Tim Kirby, GW4VXE 28

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