RadCom July 2020, Vol. 96, No. 7

| June 30, 2020

Cover image: The Siglent SVA-1032X spectrum and network analyser. Photos courtesy Mike, G4WNC. Design Kevin Williams.Siglent SVA-1032X—a full-featured spectrum analyser with tracking generator

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News and Reports

83rd Commonwealth Contest, Bob Whelan, G3PJT 38
Around Your Region – Club events calendar 84
Around Your Region – Events roundup 89
New products 14
News 12
RSGB Matters 6
Special interest groups news 16


Advertisers’ index 93
Antennas, Mike Parkin, G0JMI 54
ATV, Dave Crump, G8GKQ 53
Contesting 22
GHz bands, Dr John Worsnop, G4BAO 64
HF, Martin Atherton, G3ZAY 60
Members’ ads 94
Propagation, Gwyn Williams, G4FKH 47
Rallies and events 95
The Last Word 96
VHF/UHF, John Regnault, G4SVX 62


An alternative to encryption, Peter Davies, M0PJD 68
Get on the air to care, Heather Parsons 37
G0HRS/A, Ian Lowe, G0PDZ 72
QRP, Steve Hartley, G0FUW 48


Book review 69
Siglent SVA-1032X spectrum and network analyser, Mike Richards, G4WNC 42

Technical Features

Design notes, Andy Talbot, G4JNT 30
EncoderCAT, Ian Sumner, G3VPX 24
Signal and noise, Peter Duffett-Smith, G3XJE 80
Slinky attic doublet, Colin Topping, GM6HGW 66
SPICE circuit simulation, Richard Harris, G3OTK 18
Versatile voltage detector, Klaus Spies, WB9YBM 76

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