RadCom Basics August-September 2015, No. 2

| October 8, 2015
Sweet box CW transceiver

This low-power CW transceiver is small enough to be housed in an old sweet tin

  • What is QRP?
    While many radio amateurs hanker after more and more power and bigger and bigger antennas, there is one group that prefers to be more minimalistic
  • Making the most of 10 metres
    The 10-metre band is the highest that we normally refer to as being HF, although 6m (50MHz) can also exhibit HF characteristics at times
  • What is Moonbounce?
    Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) involves bouncing your radio signals off the surface of the Moon and receiving them back on earth
  • Discover Cornwall’s rich telecommunications heritage
    If you’ve ever been interested in technology and wondered how it developed, Cornwall is a great place to visit this summer

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