RSGB Deluxe logbook and diary 2023

| August 27, 2020

For those who want more than a regular logbook

Regular logbooks are a great way to store and look back over memorable QSOs, but the RSGB Deluxe logbook & diary 2023 takes logbooks onto an entirely new level. Packed with masses of relevant material right at your fingertips just where you want it, the hugely popular the annual RSGB Deluxe logbook & diary provides so much more than somewhere to record your contacts..

You get the latest UK Band plans, RSGB Contest Calendar, DXCC prefix list and RSGB QSL Bureau information in the RSGB Deluxe logbook & diary 2023 alongside a generous log section with plenty of space for you to record a whole year activity. The extra information doesn’t stop there either, a locator map (and an explanation of how locators work), repeater information, diary section, notes pages, handy lists of operating abbreviations & codes – pretty much everything you want to know when operating.

Computerised logbooks are ok but there is still nothing like the real satisfaction in looking back over old logbooks, bringing back memories of old friends or satisfying and challenging QSO that no computer screen can ever recreate. So, if you are looking for an attractive way to record your log year by year the RSGB Deluxe logbook & diary 2023 provides an ideal solution.

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Corrections and updates

Calendar 2023
There is an error in the printing of the March calendar.  A replacement pages can be found by clicking here  If you would prefer, we will provide a self adhesive label to cover the page.  You can obtain these from the RSGB Sales department on 01234 832700 (option 2)  during office hours or by sending an email to

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