Intermediate Licence Manual for Radio Amateurs

| May 24, 2019

by G. Smart M1GEO, D. Mills G7UVW & R. Bleaney M0RBK

1st Edition

Syllabus 2019 Edition – for exams from September 2019 onwards

This edition of this book has now been discontinued and we are shipping a newer 2nd edition.

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Corrections and updates

This book is still valid for study for Amateur Radio Intermediate Examinations subject to the corrections and updates that are provided below.  You may note though that some syllabus numbering may have changed.

Please note: Following the release of Syllabus 1.4 on the 31st July 2020 by the RSGB Examination Standards Committee, the Intermediate practical assessment was to be discontinued with immediate effect.  Other than this change Syllabus 1.4 did not change any learning points for the Intermediate examination that would affect this book.

Corrections to the 2020 Printing

Page 54, column 1, 4th paragraph
Please change Figure 12.9 to read Picture 12.1

Page 56, column 3, 4th paragraph
Please change the word reflected at the end of the first sentence to read refracted


Corrections to the 2019 printing

Page v, column 1, 2nd paragraph
Please ignore the first three lines of this paragraph.  There is no chapter 17 as the intention to produce sample questions was dropped before the book was finally printed.

Page 32, column 3, 4th paragraph
Please change the worked example to read as follows.

Power supplied to amplifier =
13.4 Volts x 15 Amps = 201 Watts

For clarity you may also amend the following text although the original is correct.

the power leaving the amplifier
= 0.35 x 201 Watts
= 70.35 Watts

Page 34, Figure 7.15
Please amend the caption image to read ‘Circuit diagram of the TRF receiver input stage’

Page 35, Figure 7.20
Please replace this image with the one below.

Page 65, Figure 15.2
The resistor marked R4 should read R2


No other corrections have been reported at this time

Additional Material

The alternative design for a VFO can be found by clicking here


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