WRC-12 Day 9 – 31st January 2012 – Movement Forward

| January 31, 2012

At last there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!

Agenda Item 1.23 – 500kHz

After 11 meetings of the sub working group concerned with the 500kHz proposal, no consensus has yet been reached on whether the amateur service should even have an allocation. The discussions are at a very pivotal point at the moment, with both the Russian regional group and China making positive inputs into the discussions and even Iran suggesting an amendment to a proposed footnote. The main topic of discussion is the amount of protection that can be offered to the aeronautical radionavigation service, specifically the non-directional beacons operating in this frequency band. The 12th and final meeting of this sub working group takes place tomorrow evening.

Agenda Item 1.15 – HF Oceanic Radar

Numerous meetings are taking place on this agenda item on the HF Oceanic Radar proposal. Of particular interest are the discussions centred around 5MHz and it appears the original US proposal for a 200kHz segment at 5250-5450kHz was first reduced to either a 100kHz segment at 5250-5350kHz or 5350-5450kHz, and is now a 50kHz segment between 5200-5250kHz. At least 3 further meetings of this working group are scheduled for tomorrow, with various associated meetings also taking place.

Agenda Item 1.22 – Short Ranges Devices

No changes to the Radio Regulations will take place in connection with SRDs.

Agenda Item 8.2 – Future Agenda Items

The Cuban proposal for a 50kHz segment at 5MHz was presented to the relevant working group considering possible conference future agenda items. The proposal was supported by the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, New Zealand and the African Telecommunications Union group. The US did not oppose but would like to discuss the amount of spectrum asked for before coming to a decision one way or another. Discussion on this item will continue tomorrow. Iran asked that it should be noted that there were administrations present against this proposal.

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