WRC-12 Day 3 – An uphill struggle on 500kHz

| January 25, 2012

Colin, G3PSM reports.

Continuing on the same theme as yesterday, a sub working group meeting was held in the morning of 25 January. Russia is maintaining its opposition to the various 500kHz proposal, based on “possible” interference to the existing aeronautical radionavigation service. Despite persuasive arguments to the contrary from Australia, Canada, UK, and US as well as the Regional Telecommunications Organisations, China and Iran also voiced their opposition on the same basis and, as a result, very little progress was made. A further meeting, held in the afternoon session, continued along the same lines. This has the feel of being a long, uphill struggle with threats of weekend work looming.

On a separate agenda item that is of interest to the amateur service, 1.15 HF Oceanic Radars, discussions on proposed suitable spectrum are scheduled to start tomorrow.

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