PLA-PLT and Ofcom: RSGB Statement

| February 17, 2010

The RSGB announced last year that it was considering its options in respect of legal action to cause a review of Ofcom’s position on the perceived non-compliance of certain “Ethernet-over-mains” (PLA) devices being placed on the market.

The Society has now completed a review of its options in conjunction with its lawyers and Counsel.

From this review it is clear that there are a number of avenues to be further explored and until this work is complete the Society will defer for the time being the question of legal action. This will allow other necessary preparatory work to be completed, and will also recognise that a number of factors are in a state of flux, including new staff appointments at Ofcom and the much-awaited report commissioned by Ofcom from PA Consultants on PLT.

The Society will be vigorously pursuing the avenues recommended by its lawyers and others and in the meantime is very grateful to all those who have given support, both moral and financial, to this important cause. It is important that this support continues, as the general threat to the spectrum noise floor from data-over-mains devices (PLT) and short-range-devices is likely to increase.

Funding the work to combat the threat of PLT/PLA remains a priority, and the Spectrum Defence Fund has this work as one of its prime objectives. Further contributions to the Fund will be most welcome to progress the Society’s programme in this area.

Category: PLA-PLT