Growing and developing amateur radio

| September 12, 2018

RSGB 2022 Growth

The RSGB’s five-year strategy includes the strategic priority of Growth—grow and develop amateur radio.

This is a very broad, all-encompassing statement which the majority of RSGB activities could fit within.

I believe that to truly grow and develop amateur radio we need to fully embrace and support new ideas, promote the hobby at every opportunity, whilst also encouraging new and existing licence holders to explore all the wonderful attributes the hobby has to offer.

“explore all the wonderful attributes the hobby has to offer”

The RSGB has already undertaken a very large number of activities that promote and develop amateur radio.

Recent examples include:

RSGB 2022 NRC aerialsThe RSGB National Radio Centre (NRC) is an excellent example of an RSGB initiative that has seen huge numbers of the general public gain an exposure to our hobby in a well-structured and organised way. RSGB Members may visit Bletchley Park, and thus the NRC, for free—just download an entry voucher from So if you haven’t been on a visit, I sincerely encourage you to do so—it is a magnificent flagship for our hobby.

Over the coming months we will be developing and launching a new scheme that is designed to accompany individuals along their amateur radio journey from Foundation through the licence classes and beyond. It will encourage and nurture interest in the hobby through recognition and reward. We’ll be sharing more details about this in the coming months and into next year so do look out for that.

RSGB 2022 youth growth

I have developed several measurable objectives that we can use to judge our success against our Strategic priority ‘Growth’.

Whilst they will never be all-encompassing and there will always be excellent activities not specifically listed, I propose to focus initially on:

  • Further development of world-class promotional material
  • Hosting buildathons for novice constructors
  • Youth appeal and YOTA
  • Development of a recognition and reward scheme to accompany an individual throughout their amateur radio journey
  • Further development of the NRC including an ‘engagement zone’

Further details of the objectives can be found here.

As I talk to people about ‘Growth’ at Rallies and other events, I am often told that the RSGB isn’t doing enough. Very rarely am I offered any suggestions about what more we should be doing. Please believe me when I say I am open to suggestions from any source, no matter how conceptual or advanced they might be—do please get in touch with me and help to develop and grow our fantastic hobby.

Mark Jones, G0MGX, RSGB Board Director

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