Ofcom-RSGB Forum – 9 October 2014

| October 22, 2014

Summary of matters discussed at the Ofcom-RSGB Forum meeting held on 9 October 2014.

RSGB logo and Ofcom office

International Space Station (ISS)

Ofcom confirmed that the callsign GB1SS will be made available for issue to UK astronauts who wish to operate from the ISS.

The RSGB agreed to co-ordinate applications at the appropriate times.

Licence Review

Ofcom reported that about 300 responses had been received.

The proposals relating to the use of Regional Secondary Locators and the incorporation of the 472 KHz and 5 MHz bands into the main licence were discussed at length.

Licence Revalidation

Ofcom reported that about 19,000 licences remained unvalidated, and that Ofcom would now have to consider putting in place a process to give notice of their intention to revoke.

VHF Spectrum Release

Ofcom confirmed that the frequency spectrum between 146 and 147 MHz would be made available to Full Licence holders on a temporary basis by NoV from 31 October 2014. Applications would be available via the RSGB website.

RSL for Cornwall

Ofcom reported that they had recently agreed in principle to a request by the Poldhu ARC for the use of a “K” RSL for Cornwall.

The implementation of this was yet to be determined and Ofcom planned to make a statement regarding it after the licence review consultation process had concluded.


Ofcom reported that they had been pleased to meet with many amateurs at Newark and that there had been much interest in their new devices for monitoring and recording abuse on repeaters.

Beacon, Packet, and Repeater Applications and NoVs

The current waiting list for applications as well as process updates were discussed.

Ofcom had issued a web notice regarding old ‘letters of authority’, particularly in regard to packet radio.

2300-2302 MHz NoV

Ofcom reported that the template for the NoV’s consequent upon the PSSR changes was being finalised.

It was noted that several TV repeaters still await reassignment as a result of the changes of use within the band.

Interference (Amateur on Amateur)

RSGB reported that the RSGB AROS coordinator had been appointed to the lead AROS role within IARU Region 1 at the recent conference.

Ofcom notified the meeting that two criminal investigations were underway related to abuse on repeaters.


It was confirmed that issue arising from the introduction of this mode should be addressed in band planning guidance and that there were no immediate regulatory matters.

Date of next Meeting

29 January 2015.

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