The new licence conditions – RSGB help and support

| April 19, 2024

Following the introduction in February of the new Ofcom amateur radio licence conditions, the RSGB has continued to provide information and support to radio amateurs to help them make the most of the changes. This has included updates, club talks and a section of the AGM event focused on those licence changes.

Go to the RSGB YouTube channel and choose the AGM recording from the ‘live’ tab and then watch two sections.

  1. Firstly, the main Board Q&A which begins just after one hour and eighteen minutes into the event and included some licensing questions from members
  2. Secondly, a section from just before two hours and thirty-three minutes which focused entirely on the new licence conditions and included three videos and a full live Q&A with four senior RSGB representatives.

The Society has also published a wealth of information on its website.

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