RSGB NRC and Mallaig High School ARC

| December 7, 2022

In support of YOTA month, the RSGB’s National Radio Centre (NRC) had a live video link-up with students and staff at Mallaig High School. About 30 students studying Physics, Maths and History joined the 50-minute virtual tour and talk about the NRC, which concluded with a 40m QSO between GM5MHS and GB3RS in which several students were able to pass a greetings message. The talk covered the following areas:


  • Why wireless was important to Bletchley Park
  • How messages were sent (Morse/Encrypted) and Intercepted by Y stations and RSS (VIs)
  • Demo of high-speed Morse signal transmission (fewer errors/harder to intercept)
  • How wireless technology has developed and is so important in modern day life
  • An introduction to the Electromagnetic spectrum and different radio frequencies
  • A look at the GB3RS station radios – frequency bands used – typical use/range
  • Make an SSB QSO between GB3RS and GM5MHS (school radio club station) on 40m band
  • Talk about ionosphere and how radio waves are propagated
  • Demo of LEO satellites (FunCube) and how schools can download data for curriculum use
  • Demo of QO-100 satellite station, in particular for demonstrating the speed of radio (electromagnetic) waves

Lyall Smith, GM4XID who arranged the event for Mallaig High School, said afterwards, “What a great presentation – you have made my day, inspired many youngsters and sown so many seeds.”

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