Ofcom EMF update

| March 11, 2021

Ofcom has just published its specific advice to radio amateurs about the new EMF Licence condition.

What you need to know as an amateur radio user

The FAQ-type document attempts to address common questions that Ofcom (and the RSGB) have seen radio amateurs ask since the original announcement on 1 March.

It contains some worked examples to help understanding. The document includes a process flowchart to summarise the simple steps radio amateurs will need to follow to meet the new licence requirement. We recommend you read it. If you have any questions on this or their earlier documents, direct them to Ofcom before 17 April.

The RSGB will continue to publish advice through its EMF pages.

Please remember that although this requirement starts in May 2021, radio amateurs have until November 2021 to conduct the assessments for frequencies above 10MHz and until May 2022 for frequencies less than 10MHz. The RSGB is preparing more technical notes containing advice on pre-assessed configurations which, if followed, will ensure compliance.

The RSGB’s second article on EMF will appear in the May RadCom and will explain some of the methods you can use to demonstrate compliance with the new licence requirements.

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