Useful practical skills videos – Slim Jim antenna and a simple Balun

| March 8, 2021

Today we’re releasing the first two videos in our new series. Fifteen-year-old Henry-James Robinson, M7HJR entered the 2020 RSGB Construction Competition with two Slim Jim antennas. In the first video he explains how he made them, why he chose to construct them and what he has made since.

In our second video we move onto more practical demonstrations of useful skills when Lee, M7MUT learns how to construct a simple balun for use on an antenna.

A big thank you to Dominic, M0BLF; Rob, M0VFC; Nick, 2E0FGQ; and ESRG member Greg, M0ODZ who helped to create these videos as part of our continuing ‘Get on the air to care’ campaign and to link with British Science Week.

Thanks also to Henry-James, M7HJR; Lee, M7MUT; Jenny, M6JUT; and Dave, M7WUT who volunteered to learn the skills via remote teaching during the current lockdown.

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