Dr Kamal Jit Singh steps down from RSGB Board

| April 27, 2020

Kamal was co-opted to the RSGB Board in June 2019. He made an immediate impression with his innovative thinking and refreshing approach to problem solving.

Kamal had a great deal of international experience in advising governments and large corporations in the application of new and innovative technologies and he brought a wealth of business experience to our discussions. He took on joint responsibility for leading the RSGB Innovation Team and suggested interesting ideas for building growth and also widening the appeal of amateur radio.

In late 2019, the business consortium of which Kamal is a key part was awarded an international contract to develop business opportunities in Asia. Whilst still keen to develop the ideas he had suggested for the RSGB, he concluded that he would not have the available time to pursue them as he would wish. Kamal, therefore, asked to stand down as a member of the Board at the AGM in April 2020. The new Board will now work to develop his ideas.

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