The 93rd Annual General Meeting of the Radio Society of Great Britain

| April 25, 2020

The 93rd Annual General Meeting of the Radio Society of Great Britain to be held on Saturday 25 April 2020 was cancelled because of government restrictions on travel and public meetings due to the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

The Board convened a meeting today to receive the results of the votes submitted by the Society’s members on the resolutions and elections they were asked to consider in the Calling Notice. The results are summarised in the proceedings on our website.

The 2019 Trophies and Awards are outlined on the same page but you can read the full citations on the special Trophies and Awards page.

If you have any questions you would normally have put to the Board at the physical AGM meeting, you can still do so via our Have Your Say web page. The new Board will reply to you within two weeks.

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