Announcement regarding randomised answers in exam papers

| March 2, 2020

Given that online exams are fully-randomised, we decided in August 2019 to enable the randomisation of the answers for each question in paper exams from 1 September 2019, when Syllabus 2019 was introduced. This ensures that there is no relative advantage or disadvantage between online and paper exams.

With hindsight, Exam Secretaries should have been made aware of this change for paper exams and the RSGB Examinations Quality Manager (EQAM) apologises for this oversight.

It is important that Exam Secretaries inform all their invigilators of this change and also point out that, as per the existing wording in EX500:
14.3 Invigilators must mark Foundation and Intermediate examinations using the supplied Marking Keys (one for each candidate).

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