Results of the VDSL interference survey

| October 30, 2017

The EMC Committee would like to thank all 1,200 radio amateurs who took part in the VDSL RFI survey. The results have been analysed and were presented at the RSGB 2017 Convention. You can see a pdf of the PowerPoint presentation or watch the video of EMC Chair John Rogers, M0JAV presenting the findings at the Convention.

A brief summary of the findings showed that:

  • Over half of responses have evidence of received VDSL interference:
    • 50% receive  level changes of 6dB or more (including 25% showing level changes of >12dB) at VDSL band transitions
    • 14% of respondents found combs of carriers after transmitting causing interference to VDSL and amateur reception
  • Upstream interference was higher than downstream and overhead feeds higher than underground

The survey results have been sent to Ofcom and BT Openreach and a meeting is planned with Ofcom to discuss further testing.

However, there is still time for you to add your results by completing the survey and we encourage you to do so.

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