New affiliated clubs Membership Services portal

| November 3, 2014

The RSGB is pleased to announce the provision of a new Membership Services portal for affiliated clubs.

Membership Services portalThe new service offers affiliated clubs a page where all RSGB online membership services can be easily accessed from one point.

From your Membership Services portal you will be able to—

  • Update your club’s membership details
  • Update information about your club displayed on the RSGB website
  • Renew your membership
  • Reset the password you use to log in
  • Download useful graphics and posters
  • Read the digital edition of RadCom, search the archive, and browse back issues

In addition to these services, club members will also be able to browse news from their RSGB region and find the contact details of their regional team members.

Important changes

Affiliated clubs will be able to login with their callsign and membership number just as they did before, but now with the option of choosing a new password once they have logged in.

However, there are some changes, please read the following points to get the best out of the new service—

  • You can now enter your username in either upper or lower case letters.
  • At login, you can now have a password reminder emailed to you if you lose or forget your password.
  • If you wish to renew your club’s membership you do not need to login to do so—even though the option is there in your Membership Services portal—and you can do so via the RSGB Shop as before

Your feedback and opinions are wanted!

We would like to know what you think of the new affiliated clubs Membership Services portal.  Please send feedback to  Please note we do not intend to publish any contributions on the web or elsewhere.

Technical issues

Any questions or problems concerning the affiliated clubs Membership Services portal should be submitted through our online helpdesk system at

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