December is IARU YOTA Month

| August 15, 2014

December is IARU YOTA month and this year the RSGB has arranged for UK Clubs/Groups to use the special Callsign G14YOTA (and its Regional variations) on a rota basis.
The application form is available to download from this webpage G14YOTA APPLICATION FORM.
There are only 31 allocations so applicants are asked to give three choices of date in an attempt to resolve diary conflicts.
There are some conditions attached to using the G14YOTA Callsign and these are included on the application form and below. The main one is the requirement to use the Callsign to put Youngsters On The Air; anyone under the age of 26 is considered to be a youngster.
Events might be limited to Club/Group members or you might like to open the doors to Scouting/Guiding/Cadet groups, or you might like to spend a day at your local school/college/university.
Applicants are encouraged to think about making the most out of the activation by including other activities, such as Morse demonstrations, ARDF hunts, WSPR beacon displays, listening to remote SDRs, use of Arduino/Raspberry Pi, etc, etc. RSGB will provide some promotional material, stickers, badges, etc.
You need to work quickly in sorting out your plans as applications must be submitted by Monday the 22nd of September. A panel made up from the RSGB’s YOTA teams will then allocate the Callsign in order to get the final list to Ofcom giving them two months’ notice of the first activation. Where there are conflicts in application dates the panel will use the information on the application, and the geographical spread of applications to make their allocations; assuming Clubs/Groups apply, every Region will have some activations.
1. Applicants must ensure that the Callsign is used primarily to put some Youngsters On The Air (Youngsters are defined by RSGB as ‘under-26’)
2. Older people can operate with the Callsign when no youngsters are available to operate.
3. Callsign will be valid from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC on the date(s) agreed.
4. Applicants will complete a Health & Safety Risk Assessment for the activation and any activities they carry out in association with using the G14YOTA Callsign. (A template is available from
5. RSGB Child Protection Policy applies. If any Schools or Youth Groups require G14YOTA hosts to undergo DBS checks, the RSGB will arrange those for its members, non-members will have to arrange their own.
6. For activations in public places, Schools, etc., applicants who are not RSGB Affiliated Clubs/Groups must provide evidence of appropriate Public Liability Insurance.
7. All contacts must be recorded using electronic logging and ADIF files must be provided to the G14YOTA Log Master within 48 hours of the activation; the Log Master will upload to ClubLog.
8. QSLing will be carried out by an RSGB appointed QSL Manager.
A completed application signals agreement to these conditions.

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