WRC-18 Agenda Item

| June 21, 2013

The detailed agenda for ITU World Radiocommunication Conference WRC-18 is to be agreed at WRC-15.  As part of the preparation for WRC-15 possible agenda items for WRC-18 need to be considered.  This week the Society has submitted its proposal to Ofcom.  This will be considered, along with proposals from its other spectrum stakeholders to select any subjects that will then be coordinated through CEPT. Our proposals, for improving harmonization on 1.8 MHz, 50 MHz and 3.4 GHz, can be seen at under the Spectrum Forum area in the website

Generally, lobbying by IARU and a number of national societies, including the RSGB, has been successful in that the amateur services has succeeded in recent years to gain one of the agenda items at recent WRCs.  If we are not successful through the UK route, our proposals will be seen by others who may wish to provide support independently.

In responding to Ofcom’s request for proposals we have followed our Spectrum Strategy, on which we consulted in early 2012, the meeting of the Spectrum Forum last November, and also sought IARU Region 1 advice.

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