Special Events News – 22 October 2023

| October 20, 2023

Members of ARI Pordenone and ARI Belluno will be active as II3RDV until the 31 October. The special callsign is active to mark the 60th anniversary of the Vajont Dam disaster. On the 9 October 1963 a massive landslide plunged into the reservoir, causing a 250m-high mega-tsunami. QSL via IV3EHH.

“Amateur Radio” magazine, the official journal of the Wireless Institute of Australia, will reach 90 years of continuous publication this month. To mark this milestone, the Wireless Institute of Australia has obtained the special event callsign VK90AR. The callsign will be in use until the 31 December and may be used by any member of the Wireless Institute of Australia as well as any affiliated club. QSL via Logbook of the World and OQRS.

Category: GB2RS Special Events