Special Events News – 29 January 2023

| January 27, 2023

Throughout the month of January, Weston-super-Mare Radio Society has been operating special callsign GB4WSM in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Society’s formation on 3 January 1923. There are still a few days left, before the end of the month, to work the station if you don’t already have it in your logbook.

Special callsign GB2WC will be active until 31 January. The station is operating to promote the World Radiosport Team Championship due to be held in July in conjunction with the IARU HF World Championships. More details about the World Radiosport Team Championship can found by visiting wrtc.info

7U7C is the special callsign used by members of the 7X2VFK Radio Club to mark the 7th African Nations Championship, the biennial football tournament organised by the Confederation of African Football. The callsign will be active until 4 February.

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